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BGA interiorThe Belmont Gallery of Art (BGA) in conjunction with The Belmont Cultural Council (BCC) has created a permanent public art gallery, located in a light-filled exhibition space at the top of the Homer Municipal Building (formerly the Town Hall Annex). The Gallery opened in July 2005, shortly after renovation of the historic building was completed.

The Belmont Gallery of Art exhibits artistic works in a variety of two and three-dimensional media, including painting, drawing, photography, graphics, fabric art, collage, printmaking and sculpture. Exhibits are on an ongoing basis, changing approximately every 8 weeks. The Gallery Committee produces and manages the shows. A Curatorial Committee juries artwork submitted by local and regional artists, ensuring works exhibited are of high quality and appropriate for a general audience. All persons involved with the Gallery work on a volunteer basis. No town funds are used in the operation of the Gallery which is self supporting through tax-deductible contributions and commissions from the sale of the artwork.

Volunteer members of the Gallery Committee currently include:

Richard HillRichard Hill: co-director, curator

“My mother was an artist and creative dynamo. Our home was more like a workshop, with a project nearing completion or just under way in every room. I have no formal training but my upbringing was a sort of apprenticeship.  Nonetheless, I did not take up painting in earnest until retiring from a 30-year career as an attorney and financial management consultant.

All art is self-discovery and self-expression.  Every artist seeks his or her own authentic voice, something distinctively uniquely personal, even idiosyncratic.  What makes my work distinctive is that  it does not seek to engage the senses directly.  Unlike a stirring landscape or a breath-taking abstract, which can be appreciated immediately for what they are, without reflection, my paintings oblige the viewer to think about the images in relation to one another in order to “get it.”   My work is not sensual or sentimental.  My objective, with each painting, is not to faithfully recreate the natural world or capture an instant of beauty but to is spark reflection and conversation — about what’s going on inside the four corners of the canvas or about the creative process behind it.”

DSC01624-anne-200x284Anne Katzeff: web designer/developer, graphic designer, social media manager

“My background is a blend of design, fine art, and teaching. I’m the creative director of my own web and print design business, ASK Design, and I teach at Lasell College, where I’m an adjunct professor. My twin brother, Carl, and I always joke about the two of us being eclectic: we each have a wide range of interests and skill sets, and that makes life very interesting!

I’ve always enjoyed creating art, but never considered myself an artist until recently. I began working with pastels right after swimming with wild dolphins. I wanted to be able to convey through my art the emotional, ethereal quality of this deeply spiritual experience. The vibrant colors and wonderful textures of pastels drew me right back into that ocean world as I painted. Soon I was led to paint other “landscapes” in nature that moved and inspired me.”

Rebecca Richards Rebecca Richards: co-director, curator, publicity manager

“I’m passionate about all the arts: visual, cinematic, literary and musical—as well as an intense love of nature—all essential things that make life rich and interesting.

I’ve always processed the world around me visually. Color, light, texture, and pattern, delight my senses and bring a sense of beauty to my world. I love painting, but printmaking is something I continue to be strongly drawn to in making my own work.

I’m a founding board member of Belmont World Film and founding director of its Family Film Festival. I was also co-chair of the Belmont Cultural Council for six years.

My professional background includes serving as executive director for several small and mid-sized nonprofit arts organizations in the greater Boston area. For ten years I was also a contributing features writer and guest editor for a regional media arts publication. Since 2003, I’ve been a writing instructor at Boston University’s College of Communication. My dream project is developing a film on the life of French artist Suzanne Valadon.

Promoting the work of so many talented local and regional artists through exhibits at the Belmont Gallery of Art has been tremendously rewarding for me and my fellow BGA Committee members. It’s truly is a labor of love.”

Kathy Lobo: curatorial coordinator
Helen Morse: photographer
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